North Star Report — Double Issue!

Memorial Day, Council Meetings, Ordinance Modernization Task Force

Apologies for the gap in newsletter. I coach high school baseball up in Proctor and with this weather it has postponed many of our games so for the past three weeks I have had baseball games nearly every single night!

Duluth City Council Meeting May 9

  • Approved letters of support for various organizations applying for state funding for housing projects in the community.
  • Approved the hiring of a new City Clerk, Ian Johnson
  • Approved $2.3 million in water main replacement in the Hidden Valley neighborhood
  • Awarded $3 million for the 2022 Street preservation project
  • Approved a contract to allow DPD to bill the DEA for overtime expenses incurred via Drug Task Force Work.

Duluth City Council Meeting May 23

  • Approved various liquor license
  • Updated various job civil service job descriptions
  • Approved funding for fireworks for July 4th fireworks display (up to $60k)
  • Approved funding for Raleigh Street Reconstruction Project
  • Approved contract for Michigan Utility Reconstruction for water, gas, and electrical duct utilities. $2.5 million
  • Accepted a $100k grant for Lake Superior Drug Corridor Initiative
  • Acceptance of a grant application of up to $800k to the Lessard Sam’s Outdoor Heritage Council Outdoor Heritage Fund to restore the stream channel and aquatic and riparian habitat of Buckingham Creek
  • Approved lifeguarding services with the Duluth YMCA to not exceed $52,500
  • Approved the Lake Superior Zoo’s Master Plan
  • Affirmed the Planning Commission’s decision for a VRBO

Memorial Day Activities

  • Gary-New Duluth Memorial Day Ceremony 9:00 am @ the Gary New Duluth Veterans Memorial
  • West Duluth Memorial Day Parade 12:30 pm along Grand Avenue

Duluth Huskies Season Starts

I’m a big baseball fan, it’s been a huge part of my life and is the reason I am here in Duluth, I came here in 2007 to play baseball at UMD from Mankato and have stuck around since. The Huskies season starts May 30th with an away game but has their home opener on June 1st at 6:35. I try to attend as many games as possible, hope to catch you at historic Wade Stadium for a game over the summer!

21st Century Ordinance Modernization Task Force

This past council meeting we approved the Ordinance Modernization Task Force that I have requested be put together. The work of this task force will do a deep dive into all of the City’s ordinances and ensure that they are not in conflict with other ordinances, and ensure that our ordinances are modern and streamlined. This work will happen over the course of the next 18 months. Have a suggestion for an ordinance to modernize? Send suggestions my way!

Lead Service Lines

Help us, help you! The City is hoping to access state funding to assist in the replacement in lead service lines. Currently efforts are from Lincoln Park to Gary New Duluth.

Duluth seeks funding, public’s help to replace lead water pipes — Duluth News Tribune | News, weather, and sports from Duluth,
The city is asking that residents self-report lead service lines or request a free inspection.

Brownfield Funding

$1 million in federal aid to help Duluth revive distressed properties — Duluth News Tribune | News, weather, and sports from Duluth,
Brownfield funds make the redevelopment of contaminated sites and structures possible.

Veit Expansion

$5 million facility coming to Duluth |
There is another construction site coming soon, and this time it’s in West Duluth. On Thursday, a contractor company held a groundbreaking ceremony for their brand new regional facility.




Strategy and Policy Director with One Roof Housing by day. City Councilor, enthusiastic about good policy, civic engagement, Springsteen, and baseball.

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Noah Hobbs

Noah Hobbs

Strategy and Policy Director with One Roof Housing by day. City Councilor, enthusiastic about good policy, civic engagement, Springsteen, and baseball.

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